Delivery offered within a 4 mile radius of the restaurant. If you are not sure how far away you are from the restaurant, use Google maps and enter in the restaurant address and your address and see how many miles away by car. We have to keep our delivery area within this radius in order to deliver food hot and also reach so many customers. Our takeout has increased a great deal since the pandemic.

Please remember to have lights on at your house illuminating the house address and steps. We don’t want our delivery drivers to be injured delivering to your house due to darkness or dangerous walkways. Thanks for your consideration!

Delivery orders must be over $20. No delivery after 8:00pm.

** NOTICE ** If inclement weather, delivery may not be possible or might be delayed significantly.

Ting’s Kitchen

3200 McIntyre Square Dr
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237
(412) 364-9933